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Stolen mobilephone? Here’s what to do next!

stolen-cellphone-2Hold up! Before you read on, please visit the official NTC page for subscriber complaints, which is also the same venue for where stolen or lost handsets are reported! Click this LINK to find out more! Also, the Troll will NOT answer questions whose answers are in the post or have already been answered in the Q&A area below. And for the love of the tech god – the Troll does NOT facilitate blocking – this should be done by you.

Below are the things you need to do in an event that your phone gets stolen or lost!

STEP 1: Kill the SIM!

For postpaid, immediately inform your network about the theft. The operator can block the SIM card to ensure that you will not be charged for further transactions made on the phone. Be prepared to provide your account details to prove that the line is yours. If you are on prepaid, then don’t even bother. The thief will just ditch your SIM once he maxes out your load (but if you want your SIM blocked, then just declare your number in the form for reporting lost/stolen phones and the NTC will take care of it. More on this below). Troll Tip: For postpaid subscribers, write down on a piece of paper the hot line of your home network and place this in your wallet. If you don’t do this and for some reason, your phone gets stolen, you will remember this reminder and ask yourself: “Why didn’t I follow the Troll’s wallet advice? WHY!?”

STEP 2: Kill the Handset!

Go to the NTC to have your phone disabled though its IMEI. The IMEI is a code that is unique to your phone and the telcos can use this information to make your handset unusable on their networks. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. How to get your IMEI

  • Press *#06# on your handset and take note of the 15-digit number. This would be your IMEI.
  • Or check the insides of your phone, specifically near the SIM card slot. Your IMEI should be there somewhere.

stolen-iphone1You know that piece of paper where you wrote the help line number of your network. Add your IMEI to it and put the note back in your wallet. Once you give the NTC your IMEI, it will then inform the telcos who in turn, will disable the handset from being used on their respective networks (once the phone is blocked, the words “SIM registration failed” will appear on the phone every time the thief tries to fire it up). Note that disabled phones/handsets may be unblocked again, through the NTC or if the thief knows a very sophisticated phone hacker (Don’t worry, there are only a very few of them in the Philippines). Also, the NTC will NOT disable a phone without sufficient proof from the real owner so be ready with the following. 1. The Affidavit of Ownership and Loss. Click on this LINK to get the NTC form for reporting a lost/stolen phone; once you download it, print it out, fill it up and have it notarized. 2. Two Valid Identification Cards Let’s define valid as something government issued, a passport maybe. A school or company I.D. should also be okay. Be ready with Photocopies. 3. Proof of Ownership. May come in the form of the purchase receipt of your phone, or the bar code sticker of the phone’s box/packaging (if you keep your phone box then you may have a slight OCD problem – which makes it likely that you will follow the TrollTips listed here). If you do not have a receipt or the bar code sticker, a police certificate stating that your phone has been stolen will do. Okay, that’s it. If you are lazy to travel to QC, try calling the OSPAC hotline. I have a feeling there is an option to send the documents listed above via fax or email. URGENT UPDATE: Good News! According to phone theft victim Arby, there is no need to actually go to the NTC to file a blocking request. Just get all the requirements ready, then scan (i.e. convert to images) and send them over to and (just make sure to do a phone followup by calling OSPAC to see if your request is being processed).

Is There Another Way to Kill My Handset?

Yes. You can use the NTC’s “Text 682” SMS Reporting System (682 spells NTC on your phone!). “Text 682” is an alternative way of reporting and disabling lost/stolen handsets through the IMEI code. Note though that the instructions below have to be done BEFORE you lose your phone – so if you already lost your phone, following the instructions below will not work. Here we go: (Note: all transactions below will cost you P5.00 per send)

For SMART/TnT and Globe/TM subscribers Step 1: Register!

  • Find the IMEI code of your handset (check your wallet!) and text REG (your number) (the IMEI code) (your PIN code) and send to 682. (For example, REG 09151234567 123456789123456 1234)

Step 2: Your Phone Gets Stolen!

  • Block that motherf! Borrow your friends phone and text BLOCK (your mobile number) (your pin code) and send to 682 (For example, BLOCK 09151234567 1234)
  • In case you discover that your phone wasn’t stolen, tell everyone immediately and just laugh about the whole thing. If you mistakenly accused someone, apologize and make a lame joke and move on. Now you need your phone UNBLOCKed. Just text UNBLOCK (your mobile number) (your pin code) and send to 682.

Step 3: No, there is no step 3 – but here are other stuff you can do:

  • How to UN-register your phone (in case you want to remove yourself from the Matrix. Use the SIM and handset that you registered with and text UNREG (your mobile number) (your pin code) and send to 682.
  • Broke up with your girlfriend, and she knows your PIN, therefore – she can have your phone killed as an act of revenge. It’s your fault dude – you slept around and got caught. But still, you have to protect your phone. Use the SIM and handset that you registered with and text PIN (old pin code) (new pin code) and send to 682.
  • You want the instructions for the “Text 682” service in SMS? Text HELP to 682.

For Sun

  • Step 1: Navigate the Sun Cellular Emergency Sub-menu (enter “The Mall”, select Post Office, then select Public Service, then select Government)
  • Step 2: Find the TEXT 682 service. Available options are: Register, Block, Unblock, Unregister, Change PIN, and Help/FAQ’s Note that the “Text 682” service will only be active for a year, after which – your will need to re-register.
  • For more information, contact the One Stop Public Assistance Center (OSPAC), and look for Victor A. Gusto.
  • OSPAC Hotline: 926-7722 / 436-7722 / 920-4464 / 921-3251 / 0919-299 9999
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Flappy Birds finds New Nest

flappybirds 1“Flappy Bird” fans, have no fear — your favorite app has found a new nest.



Gamers cried fowl when the creator of the highly addictive mobile app “Flappy Bird” plucked the game from the App Store and Google Play, saying his creation “ruin[ed] [my] simple life.”

But toucan play at this game — there are alternatives scattered like bird seed all over the Internet.

flappybirds 2A variety of websites now host the popular game online (most likely without permission from the original designer). “Flappy Bird” still flies at sites like,,…… the list goes on and on.

“Don’t worry we are not going anywhere,” reads. “Play Flappy Bird online for free! No longer available in the app store.”

But if you’re looking for a mobile gaming experience, you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to lay out more than $100,000.

An iPhone 4s loaded with “Flappy Bird” is listed on eBay for$134,295. That makes the iPhone 5s with the game for $99,999 look cheap.

The game was downloaded more than 50 million times on App Store alone. In an interview with The Verge website, creator Nguyen Ha Dong said “Flappy Bird” was making $50,000 a day in advertising revenue.

flappybirds 3On Twitter he didn’t address allegations that the number of downloads had been inflated, but denied suggestions he was withdrawing the game because it breached another game maker’s (Nintendo’s Mario Brothers) copyright.

“It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore,” he wrote.


Original post here.


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Why Sharing Private Data with a Partner Is Not Safe

loginMobile devices and digital services have made sharing information very easy. People often share their online passwords, bank account details and social security numbers with people they love. However, sharing such private information, even with boyfriends or girlfriends, can be a bad idea.

McAfee, a security software company, recently did a survey about what private information people reveal to others. Of those who answered, more than half have shared their passwords with their partners.
Around 56% of respondents have also snooped on their partner’s social media pages and online banking data. Another 48.8% said they have snooped on their partner’s e-mails.
share passwordMany people share passwords and pictures with their partners, thinking the information will stay private. According to McAfee security expert Robert Siciliano, couples also think sharing passwords with each other is a way of showing affection and love.
However, when relationships end badly, an angry “ex” may threaten to post private pictures or videos of an ex-partner for everyone to see. Several people in the study admitted to posting their ex’s private data online.
Siciliano recommended using security software to protect information on mobile devices. He also said people should change passwords right away when a relationship ends.
In addition, psychologist Erika Holiday advised people to wait until they fully trust someone before sharing private online information, although getting to trust someone could take years.
The experts also said that the best way to prevent an ex from revealing one’s information is by not sharing passwords or account details in the first place.
keep your pw safe

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social mediaFor those who take photos with their smartphone, and posts them online……..THIS IS FOR YOU!

Do you take photos using your smartfone? Do you post these photos online? If you do……… this video so you take extra precaution……..yes, you may still take and post your photos……………with this safe feature you will need to set.


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Android Malware Forwards Your Messages to Russia

android malware alertIt turned out that the latest malware designed for Android will forward copies of your SMS to Russian criminals. It might appear very interesting for a Russian criminal to find out that you want pizza for dinner or that you cannot speak right now because of the important meeting, but it seems unclear what the hackers hope to achieve with a huge database of useless information.

android malware infectAnyway, security companies call to admire the coding and tremble with fear at its results. The matter is that once installed, the malware can be used to steal sensitive messages for, say, blackmailing purposes. Worse still, the criminals can learn codes sent to your phone by banks to confirm online banking transactions. The only problem is that the crook would have to install the malware on a specific cell phone manually. This, as you can understand, is not the most efficient way of spreading trojans. Even after doing so, the hackers will then have to sort out the message they are looking for from a huge database created from everyone who had the virus on board.

android malware messageIn the meanwhile, the experts of the Russian security company Doctor Web dubbed the malware in question “Android.Pincer.2.origin”. Upon running the trojan, the user will see a fake notification about the certificate’s successful installation. However, after that the malware won’t perform any noticeable activities for a while. The security experts found out that the hackers can then send following instructions to the malware – for example, turn it on and off. In addition, the virus can change servers in case the current one is shut down.

Original article by Sam posted here


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Review: Accuradio

accuradio logo 2AccuRadio is an independent, multichannel Internet radio property. AccuRadio reaches nearly a million listeners per month. Based on monthly reports from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics service, AccuRadio is usually about the tenth most listened to web streaming service, although that varies from month to month, among all U.S. broadcast groups that stream online and that information is from average quarter hour (AQH) and cumulative audience (cume) totals for AccuRadio as gathered by Webcast Metrics.

accuradio logo

AccuRadio is also for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that features HUNDREDS of great-sounding, well-programmed music channels — rock, pop, jazz, country, bluegrass, Broadway, reggae, classical music, electronic, and more — that you can CUSTOMIZE to your tastes.

AccuRadio gets you started with an easy-to-use, click-and-listen interface.

Also, AccuRadio features unlimited skips… And it’s 100% free!

Stream AccuRadio in your car and you’ll have access to almost ten times as many music channels as satellite radio offers, you’ll gain the ability to skip songs and customize your stream, and you’ll have no monthly subscription fees.

Genres available:accuradio 3
* Top 40 pop (HitKast)
* Adult Contemporary
* Country
* Smooth Jazz
* Classical
* Alternative
* R&B
* Indie Rock
* Reggae
* Jazz
* Hip-Hop
* Oldies (60s, 70s, 80s)
* Pop Standards
* Broadway
* Latin
* And more!


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SMS Controlled Android Malware called TigerBot

Malware Alert AndroidIf your Android mobile phone occasionally reboots by itself (that’s the sign). You better read this and learn about the malware you might possible have.



TigerBot Android MalwareSMS controlled Android malware named, Tigerbot, has been recently uncovered by NQ Mobile Security Research Center, in collaboration with Dr. Xuxian Jiang’s team at North Carolina State University. This malware can record phone calls, send SMS messages, upload the device’s GPS location, and reboot the phone.

NQ Mobile claims TigerBot receives remote commands via SMS messages.

When the device receives a new SMS message with a specific bot command, Tigerbot will hide the message and execute the command. The malware has been found to support the following commands:

  • Record sounds in the phone, including phone calls, surrounding sounds, etc.
  • Change network settings
  • Upload current GPS location
  • Capture and upload images
  • Send SMS to a particular number
  • Reboot the phone
  • Kill other running processes

TigerBot hides itself from the user by using common application names such as “system” or “flash” in the installed apps list.

NQ Mobile researchers advises Android users to be more careful in downloading Android apps. Never accept application requests from unknown sources and only download applications from trusted sources.

WQ Mobile Research Center, NC, USA

[Source: NQ Mobile Security Research Center]


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