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Facebook’s The Sims Social

The Sims Social

The Sims Social is the rapidly-growing Facebook variation on one of the most popular PC games of all time, and one of the first casual life-simulator games of all time, The Sims. The Sims Social for Facebook brings the classic gameplay to Facebook, in a smaller package, with all kinds of Facebook social game twists, such as visiting your friends’ Sim characters, working around the energy bar, and items that can be purchased with gold coins, which can be bought with small amounts of real money. Your goal is to upgrade your Sim’s house and life to higher and higher class, make money doing what you know how to do, getting into better and better neighborhoods and meeting, making friends (or enemies) with, and even having a relationship with, another Sim character. All of these will be easier to do with my tips and tricks…

A big part of the game is going to visit your friends’ sims and interacting with them. In fact, this is the only way to fill the socialization need in the game, aside from talking on the phone, which never has any bonuses and still uses just as much energy. Each day that you visit a friend, you get 5 bonus energy that is good only at their house, and when you use that 5 bonus energy, you will get one bonus energy point that’s good to use anywhere. However, use that 5 bonus energy to make free money and gain free experience points too.

To get free money for visiting your friends, go over to their garden plots, and look at if they have any plants that have not fully grown up yet. If they have plants that have not fully grown up, water them. Each time you water a plant in a garden plot, you will earn 20 Simoleans and 1 experience point, so by using all 5 of your free bonus energy points on watering plants in garden plots, that’s 100 free Simoleans and 5 free experience points. If you water a bush or another plant that isn’t in the garden plot, you will gain 20 Simoleans but no experience points. However, your friendship points will increase by 2 every time you water their bushes, so water the bush with all 5 bonus energy points if you want to rapidly increase your friendship level with your friend’s sim.

If you really want to level up badly, use your extra bonus points to rummage through your buddy’s trash can. You will gain 10 experience points each time you do this, but your friendship points will not increase.

If you’re low on energy but you don’t want to use what little energy you have left over on your social level, and your other needs are taken care of, go over to one of your friends’ sim houses. Click on an area near your friend’s sim to move your sim near theirs. Your two sims will simply start socializing on their own, and each time they socialize, your sim’s social level will increase, as will his or her happiness, and no energy of your own will be used in the process. If your sim’s other needs need to be taken care of first, your sim will take care of those on his or her own, but any other need besides social needs can be taken care of without using any energy, so take care of those first.

Use care when you are buying items for your house, so that you buy the items that provide the most home value for the money. The item that provides the most value for the money is the Cypress Tree, which costs 1250 Simoleans and earns you 1350 house value. The two best indoor items are the Tropical Surf 50 Foam bathtub, which also earns you 1350 house value for 1250 Simoleans, and the Jetstream “NIL” shower, which earns you 1625 house value for 1500 Simoleans. However, the Cypress Tree is the only one of those items that can be placed multiple times without looking completely ridiculous – unless you want to have multiple baths and showers all around your home at random.

If you don’t want to either talk to friends or talk on the phone in order to socialize, simply buy the “Insane” trait, upgrade it to level 2 and equip it. This will allow you to talk to your plants in order to fulfill your need for socialization.


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